Adidas boost run


This is not sponsored post. All matches are accidental.

I joined Adidas boost run workout this Tuesday. I like to run alone usually. But I wanted to have a kind of group running experience to follow a coach and his or her leading technics.

I had already had group workout with Nike this year and I could not say I was happy about that. So I was a little bit skeptical.

I ran to the Adidas store, because of my skepticism, I was thinking, at least I would run longer workout to get to the store and back home running. There were already some people waiting for a registration to get a free Adidas t-shirt. I did not hope to get one, because I am a woman and I had sad experience at Nike run, where guys abused girls to get a stamp at their card first. Yes, 21st century and guys are ready to kick you out of a line saying, “I am sorry!” Embarrassing… But unexpectedly I got one this evening. T-shirts were separated by woman’s and man’s. What a great fresh idea:)

Adidas kindly offered us to give a try new boost running shoes. I was very happy about them. I had a lot of issues with different types of running shoes. I had knee pain, calluses and heel pain as I run on my heels too much. But those, boost glide made me happy to dispose of all that problems at one run. We ran up the hill, a lot of Prague’s paving stone streets in the city center and then down the hill, quite fast to pommel my heels as I usually did, when ran the same path.


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