One Red Lipstick Story

I have always liked natural look and even more I like those pale girls who look like they are dying right now. So I was one of them until once upon a time I was recovering from a surgery and found that without a sport I need something active to do. We started going out every weekend (instead of biking OMG that was a fret!) and I started wearing my dresses, which were dusting in the closet for years while I was wearing my sportswear all the time.
I woke up one morning with a thought “I need a change. I want red lipstick and all that girly stuff” but I wasn’t ready for that yet. We went to the closest MAC where I tried on a lot of lipsticks and chose nothing. After few days I was at Sephora and every lipstick on my lips scared me a lot. Believe me, it is not easy to get use to your brighter look. I was always in a sporty college girl type, even after I had my first child, especially after I had her. I got confusing questions in her first school days about who I am to her. I am getting older but it is still strange for people here that my daughter is so big already.

The first reddish lipstick I loved was Sisley. I was thinking a lot if I want to spare 35 dollars on a lipstick. I have been living all my life without it. But finally I got it. Probably, I was tired with an image of a girl and thinking I could make a real woman with that. Haha

I used it couple of times and I always scared when a stranger was looking at me from my mirror. This year I went further and ordered a beauty box. And in the second box there was the one. The color I was looking for. It was even more frustrating and I needed a lot of time to get used to a new me staring from the mirror but I really liked the new look.

With Sisley red

_DSC2177-31May2015.No make up

Bellápierre Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby


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