Pre Half-Marathon Anxiety

It is only three days before Prague half marathon. I had participated in it last year, when I was breastfeeding my 7-month-old son. I was neither involved in much training that time nor in good shape at all after my baby had been born.


I have done a lot during the last year, but I am still terrified. What if I will have no improvement? What if I do worse?

_DSC0968-18Mar2015I have been trying to survive on reduced calories diet of about 2000 calories per day this week. I am feeling so miserable with this experiment now. I am about to fail every minute and start eating cakes and sugars right away. Everyone asks me why. Why and why have I been doing this now or at all? I decided to support my sister in her weight loss goal. I did not only consider the fact, that I am running a race soon and that I need much more food than she does, even if we are quite same at the first glance.

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Adidas boost run


This is not sponsored post. All matches are accidental.

I joined Adidas boost run workout this Tuesday. I like to run alone usually. But I wanted to have a kind of group running experience to follow a coach and his or her leading technics.

I had already had group workout with Nike this year and I could not say I was happy about that. So I was a little bit skeptical.

I ran to the Adidas store, because of my skepticism, I was thinking, at least I would run longer workout to get to the store and back home running. There were already some people waiting for a registration to get a free Adidas t-shirt. I did not hope to get one, because I am a woman and I had sad experience at Nike run, where guys abused girls to get a stamp at their card first. Yes, 21st century and guys are ready to kick you out of a line saying, “I am sorry!” Embarrassing… But unexpectedly I got one this evening. T-shirts were separated by woman’s and man’s. What a great fresh idea:)

Adidas kindly offered us to give a try new boost running shoes. I was very happy about them. I had a lot of issues with different types of running shoes. I had knee pain, calluses and heel pain as I run on my heels too much. But those, boost glide made me happy to dispose of all that problems at one run. We ran up the hill, a lot of Prague’s paving stone streets in the city center and then down the hill, quite fast to pommel my heels as I usually did, when ran the same path.


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An Interview With My Former Coach in Prague

I have been in love with running for a long time, but all my attempts failed due to one simple reason: I did not own proper shoes. I had shabby ones, which were not good even for walking, then I had „proper“ ones, but nobody told me, that you have to buy shoes one size bigger for running. I ran and had calluses and every attempt had to stop. I read a lot about running and came to a conclusion to try minimalistic shoes. I got much better with them; so then I went to a local triathlon store for a new pair and for the pronation/supination test. There I met Marcel for the first time. He was friendly, but he was very skeptical about this minimalistic trend. I bought a pair of New Balance road shoes, in spite of all advice Marcel gave me and went to France for three months.

Later on, after I returned, I came again to the store. We talked about training for an Ironman 70.3 and, because Marcel was an experienced coach, I decided to train with him.

But life was changeable for me and after few month I found that I was pregnant with my second baby and I took a break, but we have been friends since that time.


Marcel is a personal trainer for runners and triathletes. Also, he runs “Runpremio” sport store in Prague, where he and his team are ready to help people to make the right choice about sport equipment.

I asked him for a short interview about his career and how all that started for my blog and for my friends who are in this sport. Read more…

Old style exercices rock!

I looked back to school PE time and found how many useful exercises we had to do. But that time, as far as I remembered, I had hated them and thought ¨That sucks!¨ I really really did not understand why we should do that boring and confusing stuff.

Now I think that PE education has to start from theory, even in school, even for 6 years olds. We all do better, when understand a process. Doing something without understanding even for small children cannot be as useful as when they are involved. So, I do remember old school this spring.